Modèle de croissance

Our innovative licensing model allows for global reach and local impact. This structure has allowed us to reach more than 25 countries since 2009.

Notre Approche

  • Localisé

    Le modèle de licence prouvé de SIA nous a permis d’atteindre des jeunes dans plus de 25 pays avec un programme profondément ancré dans les réalités locales. SIA travaille avec des organisations établies localement qui « hébergent » notre programme dans leur pays et leur fournit notre conception de programme prouvée et notre ensemble de services sur mesure pour une mise en œuvre réussie.

  • Collaboratif

    Les détenteur de la license sont appelés « hébergeurs (hôtes) ». Nos hôtes sont pour nous bien plus que des partenaires de licence contractuels, mais plutôt des collaborateurs d’impact qui partagent nos valeurs et notre mission.

  • Prouvé

    SIA utilise ce modèle depuis 2012 car il permet de combiner à la fois une approche globale et une approche locale. En établissant des normes claires et cohérentes avec tous nos titulaires de licence, nous sommes en mesure de maintenir l’alignement mondial et de fournir à nos hôtes des services centralisés à faible coût.

Responsabilités de l’hôte

  • Implémentation

    Nos hôtes organisent la livraison du programme dans leur pays. Les hôtes adaptent le programme en fonction des réalités locales tout en tenant compte et en respectant les normes internationales.

  • Développement de Partenariat

    Nos hôtes obtiennent le financement nécessaire au fonctionnement du programme SIA, avec l’aide de l’équipe des partenariats de SIA International. Ils établissent également un solide réseau de parties prenantes (c’est-à-dire des universités, des experts, des mentors, etc.) qui soutient la mise en œuvre.

  • Représentation

    Nos hôtes représentent SIA dans leur écosystème national et défendent l’identité de la marque SIA.

Notre Equipe

Notre équipe travaille sans relâche pour améliorer la qualité de notre programme et approfondir notre impact.

Rencontre l’équipe

Current Hosts

  • Center for Youth Education

    NGO « Center for Youth Education » is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political youth organization, founded in Podgorica in 2009, with the aim of supporting, affirming and encouraging young people to strengthen activism, volunteerism, mobility and non-formal education.

    As a socially responsible organization, we have been implementing projects for years related to strengthening the capacity of young people, their informal education, development of a culture of youth participation, providing mechanisms for their activism and development of youth work.

    We strive to contribute to the creation of better conditions for growing up, maturing, living and working of young people in our environment with our ideas and projects. As values that we provide, we can mention teamwork, tolerance, transparency, desire for networking and innovation in work, as well as readiness and openness to new experiences and knowledge.

  • Cosmo Foundation

    Cosmo Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to empowering refugees and marginalized youth in Uganda to forge their own opportunities through social entrepreneurship and personal development. Our goal is to cultivate self-reliance, resilience, and sustainable community development by granting access to education, training, and resources aimed at addressing social and environmental challenges within both refugee and host communities. We invite you to join us in making a positive social impact and changing lives within refugee communities.

  • Coworking Cvernovka

    A community coworking space for a diverse community of freelancers, small entrepreneurs, non-profits and social innovators. In addition to basic services. The coworking space also offers regular networking events for its members and a wide range of educational events, discussions, workshops, lectures and seminars, both offline and online.

  • HUKI

    The Croatian Office for Creativity and Innovation (HUKI) is an association founded to promote entrepreneurship, social innovation, networking and mutual assistance in developing personal skills for employment and personal advancement. The association focuses on youth networking and non-formal education, whose ultimate goal is to raise the motivation, entrepreneurial spirit and willingness of young people to participate in shaping positive social change with a lifelong personal development and enhancement of personal competences with the aim of creating a prosperous future for each individual and therefore the entire community.

  • Impact Hub Budapest

    Impact Hub Budapest provides a home for a diverse community that supports positive social change. They believe that a more sustainable world evolves from the combined accomplishments of creative, compassionate, and collaborative people who see and do things differently and have the entrepreneurial passion to create REAL impact. Impact Hub Budapest hosts many inspiring events to educate and connect their members and their local community. Ever since their launch in March 2016 they’ve been spreading the news of impact in the city.

  • India

    Impact Hub Hyderabad

    Impact Hub Hyderabad is a dynamic community that provides a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs and innovators who are working to solve pressing social and environmental challenges. 

    Our diverse community brings together individuals, companies, and organizations who share a common vision of creating positive change in the local communities.

    We empower changemakers to turn their passion for social responsibility into profitable and sustainable business ventures. At Impact Hub Hyderabad, we believe that by balancing social impact with profitability, we can create a world that works for everyone.

  • Impact Hub Innovation

    Impact Hub Innovation has unlimited opportunities for everyone who wants to educate, entertain, inspire and develop. As part of a global network, their community and coworking spaces offer the perfect work environment and event venue for individuals, start-ups and small companies in the Czech republic. So far, since their launch in 2010, they have run 8 acceleration programs for smart ideas and – with a panel of consultants and experienced mentors in the back and proven models for years – they continue to enable entrepreneurs to grow across the market.

  • Impact Hub Istanbul

    Impact Hub Istanbul offers a membership based co-working space to empower impact driven, creative people. The community consists of people from a wide variety of disciplines like entrepreneurs, consultants, investors, software developers, designers, artists, creatives, and freelancers. Impact Hub Istanbul provides institutions and community members not only with an environment and events that get them inspired to increase their impact, but also with an authentic ecosystem where there’s strategic resources and collaboration opportunities. Impact Hub Istanbul is a part of Impact Hub global network, operating in more than 100 centers around the world with more than 16.000 members.

  • Impact Hub Monterrey

    Founded in 2013, Impact Hub Monterrey is a non-gubernamental and non-profit organization whose mission is supporting people from vulnerable communities, like women, people with disabilities, people from indigenous communities, and most recently youth, to develop their business through teaching and mentoring, with the objective they could start a venture that will bring incomes to support themselves and their families.

  • Impact Hub Tbilisi

    Impact Hub Tbilisi is a co-working space where one can meet, collaborate, produce, learn, network and create. It is a place, where individuals and organizations strive to create a better world. They are a team of thinkers and doers with different personalities and diverse professional backgrounds, including but not limited to business, commercial and development banking, media, government, non-profit and private sectors. Their vision is to foster trust, collaboration, transparency and knowledge sharing among diverse group of people.involving over 2700 youths in 25 cities; incubating 70 start-ups each year; accelerating over 20 social innovators yearly and gathering over 550 innovators in Future Summit every November.

  • Impact Hub Yerevan

    Impact Hub Armenia Social Innovation Development Foundation (a.k.a Impact Hub Yerevan) is a social innovation space and community with a mission to support social impact projects and enterprises which propel the positive development of Armenia. We have proven to be one of the most successful social enterprises in Armenia: 50+% of our annual income is generated from the business activities we run, such as offering a unique coworking space, consulting services and so on.

    Since opening its doors in 2016, Impact Hub Yerevan has designed and implemented 30+ programs, hosted over 500 social and educational events, and has hosted over 1000 members with different projects/organizations representing every sector in Armenia.

    We are passionate to make a positive impact, to help pave the way for a better and just future. We value diversity in perspectives, knowledge and experience because we understand that the best way to solve complex challenges is by creating multi-faceted and innovative solutions. We inspire, connect and enable entrepreneurs and individuals to take on Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Razlivalište

    Razlivalište was initiated by a group of students that were – and still are – determined to make the environment more fruitful for those who want tackle societal issues. Since its launch in 2014, the organization is an integral part of the community dealing with the field of social entrepreneurship and youth education, in Serbia and in the world. Through various programs, young people are encouraged to initiate as well as participate in social change by evoking their entrepreneurial skills.

  • SENTA Bukavu

    Social Entrepreneurship Academy (SENTA) supports local youth in the Democratic Republic of Congo to become social entrepreneurs. As many refugees have fled the Kivu region into Uganda, creating economic opportunities is a prerequisite to stability and peace. SENTA is part of the Social Innovation Academy (SINA), who tackles failing education and resulting unemployment in Africa by creating self-organized and freesponsible learning spaces where disadvantaged youth and refugees unleash their potential for positive change as social entrepreneurs.

  • SLOAM – Slovenian Youth Agency

    The Slovenian Youth Agency (SLOAM) represents the juncture between young people, non-governmental organizations, public institutions, and responsible companies. Through the development and implementation of programs and regular communication, we encourage young people into active citizenship, social and environmental responsibility and enable their personal growth.

  • School of ME

    School of Mindful Entrepreneurship (School of ME) is an NGO/startup that develops and implements social, school, and youth entrepreneurial projects to achieve change of values in the business ecosystem.

  • Social Impact Award Deutschland gGmbH

    Social Impact Award Germany (SIA) is the sister company of Social Impact Award and is focused on empowering youth to make a difference in Germany. We support their development into active agents of change that build social ventures and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.

    We do so by hosting local events and organizing workshops on social entrepreneurship, running incubation programs to help validate and prototype impact and business models, and nurturing this global community of resilient social entrepreneurs whose stories raise awareness about the field and inspire local youth to take action.

  • Social Impact Award gGmbH

    Social Impact Award (SIA) empowers youth to make a difference in 15+ countries across Europe, Central Asia, and Africa. We support their development into active agents of change that build social ventures and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.

    We do so by hosting local events and organizing workshops on social entrepreneurship, running incubation programs to help validate and prototype impact and business models, and nurturing this global community of resilient social entrepreneurs whose stories raise awareness about the field and inspire local youth to take action.

  • Social Innovation Academy

    The Social Innovation Academy (SINA) is tackling failing education and resulting unemployment in Africa through creating self-organized and freesponsible learning spaces, where disadvantaged youth and refugees unleash their potential for positive change as social entrepreneurs. Tailor-made empowerment stages and self-management processes support scholars to define their own path and put the power of education in their own hands. Enabled as changemakers, scholars often turn challenges into opportunities to make a sustainable living out of what they are passionate about.

  • The Social Incubator

    The Social Incubator Association is founded in April 2014, to increase the chances of social and professional integration of youth from vulnerable backgrounds through the development and implementation of tailor-made services and innovative entrepreneurship solutions. Most often they deal with the educational sphere, integration, and mentoring, but also artistic area.

International Support Offerings

  • Image de Marque et amp ; Communication

    Nous fournissons aux hôtes des éléments de marque cohérents et attrayants, ainsi qu’une variété d’offres de support de communication allant des conseils stratégiques aux modèles visuels et à la gestion des médias sociaux.

  • Rassemblements Communautaires

    Nous organisons une variété de rassemblements communautaires tout au long de l’année, permettant à tous les hôtes de vraiment se connecter, d’apprendre les uns des autres et de co-créer l’avenir du programme.

  • Évaluation de l’Impact

    Nous fournissons aux hôtes trois types d’enquêtes chaque année, leur permettant de recueillir les commentaires de leurs participants et de distiller des données d’impact clés pour les communications internes et externes.

  • Infrastructure Informatique

    Nous fournissons aux hôtes une architecture informatique holistique pour exécuter un programme efficace et garder une trace des données clés, y compris un site web dédié, des plateformes d’incubation ainsi que des applications & évaluation, et plus encore.

  • Soutien aux Partenariats

    Nous soutenons le développement de partenariats nationaux grâce à une multitude d’offres différentes, notamment des modèles génériques de collecte de fonds, des conseils sur les procédures de collecte de fonds, des appels d’assistance, etc.

  • Conception du Programme

    Nous fournissons aux hôtes un programme entièrement conçu, éprouvé depuis plus de 10 ans, qui comprend des modèles, des solutions informatiques et une formation pour vos animateurs et responsables de programme.

  • Hébergement d’Équipe

    Nous offrons à chaque membre de l’équipe SIA une assistance dédiée sur une base instantanée, soit par le biais de messages et d’appels continus, soit via notre plateforme de connaissances interne, le SIA Playbook.

Notre Impact

Depuis 2009, SIA a touché des milliers de jeunes agents de changement dans plus de 25 pays.

En savoir Plus

Impact Data

  • Communauté Globale
    30.000+ Innovateurs sociaux qui ont construit leur entreprise avec SIA depuis le lancement de l’incubation en 2015
  • Construction d’Écosystème
    1.000+ Organisations qui ont établi un partenariat avec SIA à l’échelle mondiale depuis 2009
  • Portée Internationale
    18 Pays qui ont accueilli l’édition de l’année dernière du SIA